Key to Change Studio

It is always a great feeling to take part in an organization to help create positive change. Key to Change Studio helps underserved students and students of color by providing affordable music education to young musicians.
This project was a full website rebuild with minor design changes, by replacing outdated and no longer supported technologies. Every page was recreated with better UI/UX, SEO practices, and responsive design. An RSVP feature was added to the website to allow students and parents to book for events.

I have the wireframes and XD mockups for this website, available upon request.

BCU Plastics

This website was built using WooCommerce from an existing Magento website, due to Magento 1 no longer being supported. Products, customers, and orders were exported via CSV then imported to the new website. I really enjoy analyzing data sets, manipulating it, and figuring out the most efficient way to make it work for a different system that have new sets of requirements.
This project showcased my ability as a back-end developer by completing a migration from one framework to another. Quality assurance is important to me, and thorough data validation was done with this migration. I also had a lot of fun brainstorming, designing, and building out the user journey from the user first viewing the product to tracking their shipment after purchase.

I have the wireframes and XD mockups for this website, available upon request.

BH Real Estate

This website was built completely from scratch to meet the client’s requirements. I had a lot of fun with this one because I got to integrate two web applications that I have never worked with before. The first being KVCore, which is used by real estate agents to pull listings, manage leads, and displaying the listings in a friendly user interface. The other web application used was Mapbox, which is like Google Maps, but allows for customization of what data is displayed on a map.
This project showcased my ability to quickly pickup and learn new technologies. I have experience working as a system administrator, web developer, and web designer. With a strong foundation and understanding on all the technologies that takes to build a website, I am capable of learning quickly. I am a jack of all trades.

I have the wireframes and XD mockups for this website, available upon request.

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